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  • Writer Dreams
    This really happens to me! When I've been writing all day, for days straight and I go to bed thinking of my writing, I literally dream with images combined with a narration: "there appeared before me a living breathing woolly mammoth when moments ago I had been opening a can of spaghetti while riding a jet-ski over a sea of green lava..." Sadly, the narration never adds anything to helping me make any sense of the dream. Lol
  • End Personality Shaming
    It's time to take a stand! I get so tired of people telling me I'm 'too' whatever. It's never a complement and just perpetuates the stereotype that if you don't fit the norm then you must be defective in some way.
  • Authentic Self
    It struck me how absurd it is that people are attracted to people who project the appearance of perfection when we are all flawed. Some just cover it up better than others.
  • Chronic Illness Pain/Discomfort Scale
    I've devised a new pain/discomfort scale that more accurately represents how those of us with chronic illness perceive and cope with pain.
  • Still Single
    I don't see the need to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. I'm happier on my own.
  • Getting Help
    It's not as easy as people think to get help, which is why many of us don't bother asking, because it's usually a waste of time and energy.
  • Strength Is Energy
    Strength is not some magical thing that appears out of nowhere. It takes energy and like all energy, it's not a limitless resource.
  • Trust
    People say trust is earned, but that's incorrect. We start every relationship from a position of trust according to the implied boundaries of that relationship. August, 2021
  • Reclusive Spider
    People underestimate me a lot, mistaking my quietness for weakness. I do so love proving them wrong. August, 2021
  • Human
    I get so tired of hearing people say being vulnerable is a sign of mental illness! From 2021.
  • Burning Your Bridges
    People are quick to give up on those they deem to needy, but sometimes that needy person is the one person who would be there for them when they are in need.
  • Helplessness
    My feelings of helplessness at being unable to help a friend who lost a parent to COVID. November 2020.
  • Faking It
    Faking it till you make it only works if you make it. Written in 2020.
  • No Excuse
    With information so readily available about our cultures in today's global village, there is no excuse for continuing cultural stereotypes. Written in 2020.
  • Strength Through Adversity
    No one is born strong or becomes strong without facing hardships. From 2020.
  • Success
    Real success is finding happiness in contentment. From an article I wrote in 2018.
  • Only The Worthy
    Love is about the good times and bad times.
  • Welcome Depression
    Sometimes the best way to deal with it, is just see it through.

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