On Health and Wellbeing

As an introvert, empath and Highly Sensitive Person with Keratoconus, Arnold Chiari Malformation, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, anxiety and idiopathic mast cell/allergy syndrome, I am an advocate for those with mental health issues, chronic illness, disabilities and emotional sensitivity. 

If you would like to share your story, but don't know how, let me give you a voice. Contact me to discuss.

The problem with mental illness

Reframing mental health, mental illness and what it is to be human.

Published on Vocal Media - December 2020

When Depression isn't Depression

The joy of melancholy - finding happiness when you're wired for sadness.

Published on Vocal Media - June 2020

This is my Truth

The inner world of the Deep Being.

Published on Vocal Media - June 2020

At Least It's Not Cancer

On living with chronic non-specific illness.

Published on Vocal Media - January 2019

How to Beat Low Self-Esteem

My strategy for coping with self-destructive thinking.

Published on Vocal Media - July 2018

Why Being Strong is a Lie

The brutal truth about the myth of inner strength. -- A definitive essay.

Published on Vocal Media - January 2018

The Quiet Kiwi

A series of articles on introversion, shyness and sensitivity that I wrote for a blog that I started, but didn't continue.

Published on my personal blog, The Quiet Kiwi, September 2013

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