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A selection of my musings, memes, quotes and random thoughts.

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  • The Imposter
    Sometimes faking being well when you have chronic illness makes you feel like an imposter. Written in 2014.
  • Strong Silent Type
    Why is it that the strong silent type is only attractive when it's applied to men? I asked the question in 2014 and I'm still waiting for an answer.
  • Alone In A Crowd
    Just people care about you, doesn't mean they'd notice if you were gone. Some ruminations from 2014.
  • Always Too Intense
    I love too much, that is my flaw. Written in 2014 after yet another boyfriend complained I was too intense.
  • Want You All To Myself
    We hear this so often and tend to take it the wrong way. It doesn't always come from a desire to possess. Written in 2014
  • Earth Angels
    Written in 2013 as a tribute to those who helped my mother and me after my father passed away.
  • A Simple Hug
    Written in 2013 when I was struggling with loss.

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