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When I'm not writing I love being creative in other ways and absolutely love arts and crafts. As I grew up as an only child and didn't really have any play friends until I started school, I kept myself busy with solitary pursuits, drawing, painting and making things. I loved making clothes for my dolls.

For a while I made craft videos on SkillShare

I am now working on a series of craft books under the name, One Crafty Zebra. 

I chose the name as the Zebra is the symbol for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which is one of the conditions I have, and in addition to loving crafts, I'm also 'crafty' in the sense that having chronic illness and being alone in life means I have had be become quite resourceful too as I have to rely on myself to get by and do things on my own without help. So, I am one crafty zebra.

This page is still currently under construction.

You can follow my pursuits in arts and crafts on 

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