That time of year again...

That time of year again...

It's hard to believe we're at the end of another year. This year has flown by, just as fast as the last ten years.

For me years ending in 3 have been particular poignant to me. My best friend (to whom my book Shooting Stars is dedicated) died tragically in 1993 and this year makes thirty years since her passing. Thirty years! Where has the time gone. This year also marks ten years since my father passed away, today in fact. So, 2023 is most certainly a year of anniversaries. And of course, it is the year my first novel was published. I wonder where I will be in 2033 on the ten-year anniversary of Shooting Stars' birth? Hopefully I'll have published at least one more book by then.

For now though, I'm taking a break from writing. As much as I love it, it doesn't pay the bills and in these trying times my priority has had to shift back to the pursuit of the dollar and now that some of the health issues I was struggling with have resolved, I'm back to job hunting. I'm hoping it will be a temporary measure. I'm also brain-storming other options such as expaninding my tutoring and developing my own writing course.

Thank you to my supporters

So, as we count down the last days of the year I would like to say a big thank you to all those who supported and encouraged me through the process of making Shooting Stars a reality.  

I'm signing off and like the cover image, I'm doing nothing more, till the New Year, than putting my feet up while eating popcorn and watching TV and movies I've saved for the holidays. I'll also be working on a new 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, a Christmas tradition I adopted a few years ago, and working on hobbies.

Best wishes to you all for a blessed holiday season and bright New Year.

- Skye

Posted: Wed 13 Dec 2023


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