Titles published by Vocal Media

On Health and Wellbeing

Why Having Chronic Illness is Like Being a Knight in Armour - January 2022

The Problem with Mental Illness - December 2020

When Depression isn't Depression - June 2020

At Least it's Not Cancer - January 2019

How to Beat Low Self-Esteem  July 2018

Why Being Strong is a Lie   January 2018

On Social Comment

Religion Gone Mad   February 2023

I Forgive You, Dad *    January 2022

All Hail Lucifer - The Best TV Show of our Time   May 2019

Successfully Failing *  June 2018

Why I Reported a Lewd Text to the Police - August 2021

This is My Truth - June 2020

Alone at Christmas   December 2017

On Love and Happiness

The Secret to True Love    December 2020

Same Old Story     July 2020 

The Aerodynamic Theory of Love    August 2019

It Really Was You     May 2019

A Love More Powerful than Love   August 2018

The Three Kinds of Love   February 2018

The Path to Lasting Happiness    December 2017

General Interest 

On Becoming a Writer    January 2019

Luxurious Lavender   January 2018

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Titles Published Elsewhere

Giant Love -   First published in Pet Magazine (PDF) in December 2011 and then again on's blog in May 2013.

Kindred Spirits Forever (PDF)   Published by Women's Value magazine in South Africa, October 1995.

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