Featherston Art Sale

Featherston Art Sale

I took part in the Featherston Art Sale again this year.  The opening night was a great success, though I didn't stay long. I was happy to see that my paintings were hung the right way up and this year they didn't forget to print me an ID badge like last year, plus they spelled my name right - always a bonus!

I submitted two paintings this year, Matariki and Beyond the Nebula. I was interested to see how they would be received as I'm keen on painting more starscapes in the future. I've always loved astronomy, but sadly, becasuse of my deteriorating eye sight I have not been able to look up into the night sky and see the stars clearly since my teens. So now, I have to look at photos and video to see the stars and painting them helps me connect with them, the way I did when I was a member of the astronomy club in high school.

I was thrilled that Matariki sold. It was my favourite of the two - it was a struggle to get the lumonisity of the stars to shine through, but I got there in the end. I hope will be going to a happy forever home.

Beyond the Nebula is still for sale via this website.

Posted: Mon 13 May 2019